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Rayan & Viktor Alleg

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Rayan, I am 4 years old, a citizen of the world living in Switzerland and with my brother Viktor and my parents, we decided to launch Ribunok, my own brand where I am sharing my passion for drawing creatures.

With my family, we also wanted to help through this shop others children throughout the world that are suffering from lack of education or healthcare services.

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Posters and designs ready to be hanged on your walls. Weekly arrivals!



Tee-shirts, pyjamas, hats and socks: my creatures are invading your wardrobe



Various merch and goodies we stumbleupon and we like to offer here

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Creative Sessions

The Dragon needs Water

In this week session, we draw a Dragon! This one dreams of being a firefighter, but right now he is alone on a planet close to the sun, without water.

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Creative Sessions

Week 1 – Leo Leo

In this week session, we draw a Leo! But this one is full of love, as built with tons of heart, so he doesn’t bite.

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We are a family business

Meet the team


co-Founder | Creative Director

Each week I draw new creatures coming right from my imagination, and then I share them with my brother for him to prepare the goods on the website


Co-founder | Artistic Director

I am in charge of choosing the colours combination for the designs and for the t-shirts, so that the collections make sense to you all

Anastasiia Krasnova

Graphical Designer

Anastasiia is a talented artist who is taking the designs from Rayan and Viktor and bring them to life using her strengths and talents

Obsessed about your satisfaction


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In Switzerland | For rest of the world, to-be-discussed

Epic Design

Our designs are unique, and reviewed by my Swiss Art Teacher


30% of the funds collected will go to several charity

We Care

You got an issue, ask our mum she doesn't allow us to have a phone

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Our dad is an entrepreneur, we see him build businesses online since we are born, so last summer popped the idea to learn how to be an entrepreneur as well, while understanding some values like hard work, making good around us, collaboration, creativity…

Every Wednesday we make drawings, then we work with a graphical designer to prepare files for sending them to a factory in France that print everything.

We have a catalogue of clothes from our provider in France, and we also sell art in the form of posters. We might include more category as we grow up but so far that’s pretty much it. All our creatives are our proprietary designs, so please do not reproduce them without our consent.

Well, call our mum we do the fun part and she helps us in this type of case. If something is not working we will definitely find a way to fix it. Our mum has super powers.

Any charity supporting children is in scope. We’d like to start small but if you have a program or you know one that is relevant, please contact us.