Week 1 – Leo Leo

In this week session, we draw a Leo! But this one is full of love, as built with tons of heart, so he doesn't bite.

In this week brainstorm, we started our journey from our usual Wednesdays sessions and the theme was the Lion King. We love the new version and our dad too as he was a fan when he was a kid.

So we started with Viktor selecting which animal to bring to life. I selected the leo of course. Somehow Viktor is more into monkeys but let’s not ask why.

After much trial and error, I managed (with the help of my mum) to bring that leo to life.

I was happy with it and he seems like a cool, happy and loving leo we could tame and live with. I added tons of hearts to make sure he doesn’t bite.

We then had a creative session with our colleague Anastasiia and she loved it too. She started doing her magic and now you can see it here much closer to something you could get on a t-shirt or on a wall.

Wooow now that is something cool right? 

Help us give him a name in the section below! We haven’t found one yet. The one with the most votes will receive one free t-shirt! 

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