I guess this is it – Ribunok is live

Hello everyone and thank you for coming here. This is one of our first post so let’s put some presentation in as it feels in order to do so.

I’ll start with myself. My name is Rayan, I am 4 when writing this and of course I am asking my 2 parents to help when it comes to this adult stuff. Delegating right?

So early on, my dad tried to share some of his dad moto. One of the first thing he repeats is: you have to be the best in what you do to succeed? So naturally I asked: “but what can I do?”. I am 4, if you remember. This is where we had one of our first family meetings, where we discussed about what we like, dislike, and what do we want to do in the future. 

On my side, I love drawing. I do it everyday. I am also part of a school called Artitude in Ecublens where I guess I started to develop the taste with my teacher Masha. When my dad asked to tell him, which activity doesn’t get me bored, this one was pretty high on my list.

I also started to understand this year that the world works with something called money. My dad shared that it is only a tool to achieve greater things. For me, I understand that money buys toys in the supermarket. My mum stopped us saying that not all the kids have the chance to have a roof, a family and food on the table. That’s also something that touched me a lot. This is how we designed this to be not only something to learn on values my dad is trying to pass, but also to make an impact around us, as well as saving money to develop new ideas along this first venture.

I am not alone! I have a little brother. His name is Viktor. I love him very much even if sometimes it is not easy to share the attention and my room with him. We can’t imagine a world without him today. 

Viktor is totally different than me. For some reasons, he is not to much into drawings but once he is committed to a task, he is a bulldozer. He is also 2 years younger than me. He is strong and has a big head. We split tasks but I am the boss around here. To give you an example: I design the collections, and I let him choose some colours.

Along side this activity we have our mum Kristina. She has her little business but since we came in her life, she had to take care of us while our dad is working. So she is as much our super hero, our Uber driver and our keeper in the house. She is also the one writing the things we tell her to on this so be nice she is not an english speaker. 

By the way, our whole family is a cultural mix. My dad is French with Algerian origins and our mum is Ukrainian. We already speak Russian, English and French at home which is awesome for travelling.

Back to business: what do we want to achieve? Each week we will issue a design. Our graphical designer is in Russia (her name is Anastasia) and she will make our ideas come to life to send them out to the printing factory in France. 

Our timing are a bit slow to produce as we are literally at the beginning so we are printing one collection after the other as soon as we have a minimum of customers.

We’ll get better, but the logistic part of this structure is the heavy piece. As well as the customer care center. We have put a direct line with a chat box to reach us if you should have any issues, otherwise contact us.

Thanks for reading this. Let’s make an impact. Oh and if you wondered what Ribunok means? It is a transformed Russian word for kid.


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