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This is a good question. For us Ribunok is both a creative garden, our sandbox to understand how to impact the world and how to adopt the attitude and values of entrepreneurship. Our dad is the one inspiring us and we’d like to become good leaders of tomorrow, starting now.

We love drawings. It is something that unified our family early on and sparks all kind of discussions at home. This is something that helped us meet new friends, and hopefully this is something that can relate to you too.

Finally, making an impact means also being real. Part of what we earn will go to help others children. Now we understand that to make an impact, you need to build value, and when value is created you can have budgets to make that impact.

About our


Phase 1: we establish Ribunok as a cool brand, that will speak to both parents and kids and helping them unleash their creativity. If this becomes a community gathering positive energy, teaching some good values and making impact around us, we would achieve the first step.

Phase 2: scaling the model. We know that kids might want to do the same as us, meaning drawing and getting few days later their ideas brought to life by a designer. We plan with the money from phase 1 to build the platform that will connects designers to kids and their parents, so that more creatures come to life.

Phase 3: scaling the impact. While having more people, more sales thanks to the scalability model, we should always keep in mind the impact we could have on others kids lives. This is why phase 3 will bring causes to the table, supported by others institutions and brands, and where the ribunok community will help by releasing cool designs where a part of the revenus will go to charity.

About the


Kristina Alleg

Kristina is passionate about kids development since Rayan came to her life. Now the whole family operates around projects that help them feel they make an impact in the world around us, and learn important values that should help them when they grow up.

Haider Alleg

Haider is an entrepreneur since his early teenager life. Since then, he is always thinking ahead developing experiences that would brands and people be more connected. Digital and technologies are not too far from his plan when it comes to disrupting businesses

We are a family business

Meet the team


co-Founder | Creative Director

Each week I draw new creatures coming right from my imagination, and then I share them with my brother for him to prepare the goods on the website


Co-founder | Artistic Director

I am in charge of choosing the colours combination for the designs and for the t-shirts, so that the collections make sense to you all

Anastasiia Krasnova

Graphical Designer

Anastasiia is a talented artist who is taking the designs from Rayan and Viktor and bring them to life using her strengths and talents

About our


Kids Events

We organise some events where we meet & have fun

Design Marketplace

Coming soon


W give up 30% of our turn-over to charity to help kids

Art Shop

You can buy our art and hang it on your walls

Online Shop

You can order Ts & others merch directly on this store

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Come design with us

Ribunok Events

Playground Wednesdays 3PM - 4PM

Register to our newsletter and come hang out with us. We play, chat have fun and can exchange ideas on how to make better designs. These are free but you can always donate to one of our charity.

Let's design Saturdays 10AM - 12AM

Usually in Ecublens, we go there to express all our creativity and you can come to see if this is something you’d find cool to do. There isn’t an age limit but let’s say that 2-3 years old is the minimum up to 6-8.

Nature Sundays 10AM - 12AM

We have to be curious about our environment too, as sometimes this is where thee inspiration gets its spark. We usually go and hangout to various places including our favorite the Signal de Bougie.